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Cement Render&Plaster

Cement-based render is a building material made by mixing cement and sand in a particular proportion. It has been extensively used on internal and external walls to perform the functions of waterproofing, improving fire rating, and aestheticizing the surface through the use of coloured or textured renders. According to its functions, cement-based renders can be categorized into several types: base coat renders, one coat renders, decorative renders, skim coat, self-leveling compounds, waterproofing mortars, etc. Compared with other mortars, it has better fluidity, durability, and workability.

Cement based render(plaster/mortar) is the mixture of suitable sand, cement and water which is generally applied to masonry interiors and exterior to smooth wall surface.

Improve adhesion:Cellulose Ether  HPMC/MHEC has good water retention, and helps the cement have full hydration.

Good workability:Cellulose Ether HPMC/MHEC has excellent thickening and water retention. It can not only extend the open time, but also makes the materials smooth and easy to apply.

Improve pumpability:Cellulose Ether  HPMC/MHEC good thickening and water retention, help the material flow well in the pipe. It reduces blocks during machine spraying.

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