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Tile Adhesive

Cement tile adhesives are cement-based mortars used to bond ceramic tiles, granite, marble to walls or floors indoors and outdoors.

Cement based adhesives are primarily split into two different classes, C1 and C2 .

1. C1 Adhesives Based on Cement

C1 adhesives are basic cement-based adhesives that are often incompatible with porcelain tiles, the most prevalent form of floor tile.

2. Cement-Based Adhesives (C2 Adhesives)

Adhesives have their polymers changed, resulting in higher adhesion and binding strength. It also gives some flexibility as well as water-repelling properties. This adhesive is appropriate for most tile varieties and a wide range of backdrop surfaces.

Cellulose Ether HPMC/MHEC has a wide range of products to meet the performance requirements of tile adhesive in different applications, as shown in the following advantages:

• Adjust the open time of tile adhesive: Cellulose Ether HPMC/MHEC will form thin film on the surface of tile adhesive to reduce moisture evaporation. Help tile adhesive increase the open time.

• Increase tensile strength: the good property of water retention could make sure keep enough water for cement hydration.

• Good workability:Choose the right Cellulose Ether HPMC/MHEC, could make the mortar easy to scrape on the wall, increase the efficiency.

• Increase the anti-slip property: can increase the binding strength of wet mortar, increase the anti-slip property.